The Knuckle Down's Lot will be restricted to Musician's vehicles, Staff, & Vendors.
Also, Seiferth Road is currently being resurfaced so street parking will be limited.
However our wonderful neighbors next door at Worldwide Auto graciously let us use their lot every year for this great event.
Once that's full there should be a reasonable amount of street parking in the neighborhood


UPDATE: The Weather looks to be perfect after 12:30pm.
Partly cloudy and 0.00 accumulation from that point on!!  YAY!!

The current forecast looks really good!

The National Weather Service has been consistently lowering the chance of rain during show time.  And more importantly the total accumulation is currently anticipated to be .01 inches.  Considering that .10 inches (10X that amount) or less is considered light rainfall, and that there should be moderate clouds and a high temp of 78F, it looks to be a wonderful day!!  The Blues gods are good to us!!