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Thursday Nights - 8:30pm

30 Years of Giving Madison The Blues









Coming Up

"A Bazooka Assault of Foot-Stompin' Blues and Slow-Burnin' Knee-Bucklers" 
- The Chicago Tribune


"Full of fire, Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials hit the floor running and accelerate from there. High-octane, expressive, fiercely articulated, harrowing intensity, raucous slide." 
-Living Blues


"Electrifying, raucous, pure Chicago blues...Lil’ Ed is a guitarist extraordinaire...slashing slide and flamboyant stage persona." 
–Chicago Tribune




A Grateful Dead Tribute


Infusing new members with the core of one of Madison's Favorite GD Band, The New Speedway Players, Lackin' Some Direction, has captured the spirit, sound and style that dead fans love.

Grab a couple grilled cheese' and head on down.



The Blues Foundation's
2017 Blues Music Award Nominee


.He spent 12 years honing his skills as a sideman for Carl Weathersby, a mentor beyond the music: " Pop has really showed me the real me and have helped me in a lot of ways. Showed me what to do, what not to do. I wouldn't know anything if it was not for Carl and my brothers-in-arms." 

“My Uncle snuck me into clubs where I saw some of the greatest Blues cats of all-time, Albert King, Albert Collins and Junior Wells. This is where it became clear to me; I wanted to be a Blues Man." 





36 Crazyfists drop the listener right into the melee with driving guitars delivering a gut punch from the first note. A sole guttural vocal from Brock Lindow breaks it it up briefly until Kyle Baltus’ double-kick mastery sends the song off to the races. Once Lindow’s vocal does come in, he alternates between more melodic verses with the occasional primal belting.




Memphis Blues Star


Multiple Blues Music Award Nominee

Multiple Blues Blast Award Nominee

Multiple Top 50 Charted Blues Albums


"Santini hits the stage with gale force intensity"  - Blues Blast Magazine

"The sound is simply unforgettable"
- Blues Online



Welfare Beer League - Chicago 1:40-2:05
Help Desk -
Madison 2:15-2:40
The Slurs -
Milwaukee 2:50-3:15
Funrod -
Madison 3:25-3:50
Delinquents -
Madison 4:00-4:25
The Biscaynies -
Racine 4:35-5:00
Dirty Rotten Revenge -
Bloomington il 5:10-5:35
Shitizen -
Chicago 5:45-6:10
The DUIs -
Milwaukee 6:20-6:45
The Usuals -
Elgin il 6:55-7:20
The Kreutzer Sonata -
Chicago 7:30-7:55
Johnny Automatic -
Chicago 8:05-8:30
The C-Sides -
Lake County il 8:40-9:05
Indonesian Junk -
Milwaukee 9:15-9:35
Not Dead Yet -
Madison 9:45-10:10
The Uncouth -
Kansas City Ks-10:20-10:50
Minor Decline -
Quad Cities 11:00-11:25
Deal Breakers -
Madison 11:35-12:00




Reverend Raven
& The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys

w/ Westside Andy


"They are very, very good.
That's why I keep having them back."

Buddy Guy


"Bloody excellent"
Hugh Laurie


"Highly recommended"
Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine







Chicago Blues

"One of the last Great Old School Bluesman"

.Chicago Bluesman Smilin' Bobby is a true heritage artist/musicans of the Blues made famous in the City of Chicago well over 60 years ago. Raised in Helena, Arkansas. Bobby moved to Chicago's west side in 1949 where he began playing the blues. Bobby "ran the clubs" with Magic Sam, Blyther Smith, Magic Slim, Little Milton and countless other Blues legends. Bobby's also played with and opened for Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells, Howlin Wolf and many others many a times. Bobby has toured the mid-west and Europe over the last 50 years ring his style, songwtring and guitar playing to blues lovers all over. Bobby has recorded with Wolf Records and the Phat Chance labels.





The Queen of Funk

Milwaukee #1 Funk Dance Band returns to host the Best Halloween Party in town!!

Get ready to shake your money-maker to the old school Funk, Soul & R&B stylings of Valerie B & The Boyz, long time favorites at festivals and dance clubs all over Wisconsin.

They will also be hosting a costume contest with prizes in multiple categories.







Fri. Oct. 6th - 9pm 

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials








Sat. Oct. 7th - 9pm

Lackin' Some Direction





















Fri. Oct. 13th - 9pm

The Corey Dennison Band





















Sat. Oct. 14th - 9pm

Reverend Raven w/ Westside Andy





















Sun. Oct. 15th - 7pm

36 Crazyfists





















Fri. Oct. 20th - 8pm

Brandon Santini





















Sat. Oct. 21st - 1pm

S'not Fest - Punk Rock Festival





















Fri. Oct. 27th - 8pm

Smilin' Bobby





















Sat. Oct. 28th - 9pm

Valerie B & The Boyz' Halloween Party
































Shows in November

Fri. Oct. 6th -  Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials
Sat. Oct 7th - Lackin' Some Direction - A Grateful Dead Tribute
Fri. Oct. 13th - The Corey Dennison Band
Sat. Oct. 14th - Reverend Raven & The Chain Smoking Altar Boys
Fri. Oct. 20th - Brandon Santini
Sat. Oct. 21st - The Snot Fest Punk Rock Festival

Fri. Oct. 27th - Smilin' Bobby
Sat. Oct 28th - Valerie B & The Boyz Halloween Party


Welfare Beer League - Chicago 1:40-2:05
Help Desk - Madison 2:15-2:40
The Slurs - Milwaukee 2:50-3:15
Funrod - Madison 3:25-3:50
Delinquents - Madison 4:00-4:25
The Biscaynies - Racine 4:35-5:00
Dirty Rotten Revenge - Bloomington il 5:10-5:35
Shitizen - Chicago 5:45-6:10
The DUIs - Milwaukee 6:20-6:45
The Usuals - Elgin il 6:55-7:20
The Kreutzer Sonata - Chicago 7:30-7:55
Johnny Automatic - Chicago 8:05-8:30
The C-Sides - Lake County il 8:40-9:05
Indonesian Junk - Milwaukee 9:15-9:35
Not Dead Yet - Madison 9:45-10:10
The Uncouth - Kansas City Ks-10:20-10:50
Minor Decline - Quad Cities 11:00-11:25
Deal Breakers - Madison 11:35-12:00